About Me


Software Developer

I am a highly skilled software developer with over 6 years of professional experience in startup environments. Throughout my career, I have successfully designed, built, and managed a diverse range of complex projects, both independently and as part of collaborative teams. My expertise extends from developing simple monolithic applications to architecting sophisticated microservices-based systems, including multi-tenant platforms and event-driven SAAS applications.

Web Development

Experienced in modern web technologies and frameworks, I design and develop robust, scalable web applications with responsive layouts and optimized performance.

Mobile Development

I deliver feature-rich hybrid mobile apps that run on both Android and iOS using React Native, and Flutter for intuitive and efficient user experiences.

System Design & Reliability

Focused on creating highly available and fault-tolerant systems, I optimize complex architectures, implement scalable databases, and ensure system performance and security through meticulous design and testing methodologies.